I travel to areas within 15 miles of Bellmore, New York free of charge

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I specialize in the micro-bead hair extensions system because it is by far the superior choice for my clients. The extensions are cuticle intact, Ultra Premium Grade 6A, 100% Remy Human hair. Remy means that all of the hair cuticles run in the same direction because it was cut and bundled in one step. This is the absolute best quality hair on the market. It can be washed, heat-styled and resists tangling just like your natural hair. The strands are thick, silky, blend flawlessly with any hair texture and can last 10-12 months with proper care

By working independently of a salon, I am able to offer my clients these superior quality hair extensions at a fraction of the Long Island salon price. I buy the hair directly from some of the most reputable suppliers on the market, and I install the extensions in the privacy and comfort of my client’s homes.



As a Hair Extension Artist

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