Custom-made "Halo" Hair Extensions

For years I've been supplying my clients with the most luxurious, custom, ready-to-wear hairpieces, and I'm finally making them available to the public. These temporary "Halo" style hairpieces are perfect for anyone who desires volume and length without the commitment and maintenance of other extension methods. These extensions can be worn along with one of my permanent extension systems to create mega volume for a special event, or they can be worn alone for temporary volume fixes.


My beautiful client Jenni wearing her 18" Insta-Volume Extensions in color #6


Note: I always recommend having your hair extensions professionally cut and blended for the most natural and seamless look.


My custom-made "Halo" Hairpieces are 100-150 grams of super thick, Ultra Premium Brazilian Remy hair. The same quality hair that I use with my microbead and beaded weft clients.  This fully adjustable hairpiece has a clear nylon string that goes around the crown of the head, and extends the hair from ear to ear. Then you simply use a comb to pull sections of your natural hair out and over, covering the string and securing the extensions in place. This piece is worn as an enhancement to your own hair, and works best on women with medium or long hair, who are looking for volume and thickness more than length. Even women with baby fine hair are able to wear this piece comfortably without revealing the string. This piece will pump up your hair's existing thickness flawlessly.