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Individual Strand Semi-permanent Extensions

Brown Hair

The hair I use is all cuticle intact, Ultra Premium, 100% Remy Human hair. Remy means that all of the hair cuticles run in the same direction because it was cut and bundled in one step. This is the absolute best quality hair on the market. It can be washed, heat-styled and resists tangling just like your natural hair. The strands are silky, thick and blend flawlessly with any hair texture. This hair can last 8-10 months with proper care and routine maintenance.





The installation of these extensions is easy and painless. Unlike fusion and tape-in extensions that involve applying a keratin-based adhesive to the section of hair and bonding (gluing) the hair extensions in place, micro-bead extensions are applied without chemicals and without the use of heat or glue. The system utilizes a small micro-bead to attach individual strands of extensions to small sections of the natural hair. After installation, a blending cut and style gives the makeover it's finishing touch. Depending on the client's goals, hair extensions may be used for volume or length, or both.


Brown Hair


The superb quality of hair and manageability of micro-beads, make this system truly stress-free. I recommend using a sulfate-free shampoo and a salon quality Moroccan Oil or Argan Oil as part of your maintenance routine as they will keep your extensions silky and tangle-free. Depending on individual hair growth, most clients can expect to get 8-10 weeks between maintenance appointments. Maintenance appointments are $150-$200 per session (depending on amount of hair installed) and involve moving the extensions closer to the scalp to compensate for the hair growth that occurred during that time.



My business model is very different from a salon and my hair is purchased in bulk, off-label, and directly from a supplier. This is how I am able to charge such a reasonable fee for my services, starting at just $680 for 75 strands (volume only). Full head installations (volume and length) start at $750 for 100 strands. My prices include the cost of hair, labor, and a finishing blending cut and style.


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